Kung-fu film superstar Jackie Chan is desperate to make a movie in Cambodia, after visiting the country with the UNITED NATIONS.

The Jacket actor is currently in south east Asia carrying out his duties as a newly appointed UN goodwill ambassador.

And he's so enthusiastic about the former troubled state, he's already thinking about a possible script.

After meeting with Cambodian Prime Minister HUN SEN on Wednesday (28APR04) the pint-sized actor said, "First, I was joking, but now I'm taking it seriously.

"When I go back (to Hong Kong) I will think about the script. I'm sure I'm coming back very quickly. I will see how to make a film in Cambodia,"

Chan didn't reveal any more about the film - but Hun Sen's spokesman EANG SOPHALLETH says Chan told the Prime Minister the script should reflect the struggle for happiness by people who have been affected by conflict and disease.

He says, "The prime minister has welcomed and supported Jackie Chan in making a movie in Cambodia ... to help the world be safer from the danger of land mines, unexploded ordnance and HIV/AIDS problems."

30/04/2004 17:17