Martial arts hero Jackie Chan has stunned his colleagues and broken a longstanding tradition by cutting his hair short.

The Hong Kong native has decided to trim his locks because he's fed up of years of looking the same - but the move has broken an agreement he had with his production company after a stunt accident left him with a permanent hole in his head.

He says, "For all those years I kept my long hair for the reaction when I'm fighting. It makes it more powerful. Every time you show a beautiful girl (on film) when they turn around in slow motion, there's always the long hair.

"After I got in a big accident, my company said, 'No, you cannot cut your hair short!' But I just want to try something new. Years ago, as soon as I cut my hair I fell down 20 feet to the ground. I fractured my scalp.

"From that time my company didn't let me cut any hair. I always kept the hair long as possible."

14/06/2004 02:43