While filming a carnival scene at night for the upcoming Bleeding Steel on Sydney Harbour on Friday (29Jul16), a catamaran full of young men and women pulled up to the pier, MailOnline.com reports.

The apparently drunken revellers called out to the cast and crew of the film, waving and even flashing their bare behinds while others erupted in hysterics.

Chan, 62, tried to ignore the disruption and continued filming with co-stars Nana Ou-Yang and Erica Xia-Hou while riding the carousel.

Editors at MailOnline.com report the partygoers on the catamaran were in fact part of a bachelor party, and several women were spotted on the boat wearing sheer lingerie.

The carnival scene, filmed at popular tourist spot Mrs MACquarie's Chair overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, was secured by a perimeter fence, security guards, and two bodyguards for Chan.

The movie is said to be the most expensive Chinese film ever to be shot in Australia, and stars Rush Hour action man Chan as a secret agent tasked with protecting a key witness in a major case.