Action man Jackie Chan is putting up a fight against child trafficking by jetting to Myanmar this week (begs02Jul12) to advocate for human rights.
The Rush Hour star and United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) Goodwill Ambassador will travel to Mandalay for three days to discuss the increased need for lawmakers and politicians to crack down on the multi-billion dollar enterprise and beef up police task forces across the nation.
A statement from Chan reads: "Trafficking and exploiting children are horrific crimes. They leave lifelong scars and rob children of their childhoods. Children are not for sale. For the sake (of) the world's children, we must work hard to stamp out these damaging and criminal practices."
World-famous martial arts expert Chan will also meet with kids in a bid to teach them important survival techniques, adding, "It is very important that young people know how to protect themselves.
"Simple things, like knowing not to trust anyone who promises you a dream job in another country; never going to an unknown place alone; knowing your parents' and your own full name and age, and being able to explain where you live, help children guard against traffickers."
And local Unicef representative Ramesh Shrestha is grateful the Hollywood star is taking a stand, adding, "Jackie Chan is hugely popular in Myanmar and he is a strong and dedicated advocate of child rights. Children and teenagers are inspired by his martial arts skills, bravery, adventure and humour. He will be a source of inspiration and encouragement."