Jackie Chan's charity concert for Japan raised a massive $3.3 million (£2.1 million) in just three hours, with the star declaring, "It's got to be a record."
The Rush Hour actor hosted a star-studded gig and telethon in Hong Kong's Victoria Park on Friday (01Apr11) to help survivors of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster last month (Mar11).
He was joined by stars including Andy Lau, actor Donnie Yen, Japanese singer Sen Masao and China's Judy Ongg for the three-hour benefit, while American singer Lionel Richie performed from Australia via satellite link.
Chan, who paid for the performers' plane tickets and accommodation out of his own pocket, has now revealed the show raised $3.3 million (£2.1 million) in donations on the night, with the total expected to climb over the coming weeks.
He tells the Hollywood Reporter, "When I picked up the phone and called my friends in the entertainment business in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore, right away, they all agreed to come over... I still have some of the cash donations that people gave me today in my pocket... It's got to be a record to raise so much in just three hours."
The 56 year old has also vowed to continue his philanthropic efforts, adding, "My goal is to have $0 in my bank account the day I die. I get very happy when I think about that, no more worries. I buy the things I like, I give money to charity, and then I try to make more money. I'll be frank with you: It's not difficult for me to make money. If it's easy, why shouldn't I give it away?"
The proceeds from Chan's charity gig will benefit the Salvation Army.