Jackie Chan mistook Prince William for Prince Harry when he met him.

The Hong Kong born action movie legend greeted the third in line to the English throne at a reception following the Illegal Wildlife Trade conference in London on Wednesday (12.02.14), where he made the gaffe of confusing him with his brother by congratulating him on his recent trek to the South Pole.

Jackie told The Times newspaper: ''Prince William said, 'No, that was my brother,' and I said, 'I'm sorry.' But they look almost same, huh?''

The Prince laughed off Jackie's mistake and shook hands with him. For many people from different cultures, the easiest way to tell the two princes apart is by the colour of their hair. While William is fair, his brother sports a darker, coppery tone.

'Rush Hour' star Jackie is a spokesman for wildlife charity WildAid and is passionate about the animal rights, saying he refuses food at government functions if it comes from endangered species.

He previously said: ''Ten years ago, when I was making a film in China, the government brought me a dinner.

''I sit down; boom - they give me shark fin soup. I said, 'Put it away.' ''

Meanwhile William and Harry were both at the function to support their father, the Prince of Wales, who gave a speech.

He called for ''urgent action to put a stop to this trade, which has become a grave threat not only to the wildlife and the people who protect them, but also to the security of so many nations.''