Martial arts star Jackie Chan was met with an icy reception when he arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday (18Jun08), with protestors chanting for the star to "get out".
The Rush Hour actor flew to the capital Taipei to attend a charity event - but his trip was marred by locals who were still angry at Chan's comments about their country's presidential election four years ago (04).
Chan riled supporters of then-Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian by describing the election as "the biggest joke in the world".
Chen was voted into office with a narrow victory over rival Annette Lu in 2004, after they were both shot on the eve of the election. They suffered only minor injuries, but Chen's opponents claimed the shooting was staged to help him win the sympathy vote.
And Taiwanese locals are still enraged by Chan's comments four years on.
One woman says, "Jackie Chan insulted Taiwanese people and denied the value of our democracy."
But Chan insists he meant no harm to the locals - citing his family history to prove there were no hard feelings.
At a press conference later on Wednesday, he said, "My affection for Taiwan... is witnessed by everyone. My wife is Taiwanese and I am the son-in-law of Taiwan. I am half Taiwanese."