Jackie Chan is so desperate to be taken seriously as an actor he is refusing star in anymore action movies.

The 51-year-old THE TUXEDO star hates being known for his martial arts skills over his acting prowess, and insists he will become as respected as Hollywood veterans Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.

And his ageing body will welcome the change.

He says, "I know the audiences love to see RUSH HOUR ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE. But, I'm tired. I've hurt myself too much, I'm not young anymore.

"Jackie is not an action star. Jackie is an actor who can act, not a fighter who can act.

"The life of an action star is very short. I want to be an actor like Robert De Niro, like Dustin Hoffman or Clint Eastwood who in their 70s or 80s can still act."