Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan is struggling to shoot new movie RUSH HOUR 3 because he can't get his mouth around the tricky dialogue. Despite his advancing years, the 52-year-old has no difficulties completing his dangerous stunts on the Los Angeles set, but he's finding it hard mastering the English script. Director Brett Ratner has even had to simplify the lines to prevent further filming hold-ups. Chan writes on his website, "To me, action scenes are so easy, but dialogue scenes drive me crazy. The directors and producers want me to speak everything perfectly. "Sometimes when a word is in the past tense or plural, I get confused. It is hard to remember lengthy dialogue and still sound natural. "I have to say my lines over and over again until I get it right. I want to ask them 'Can I speak Jackie Chan English?'" Chan stars alongside Chris Tucker in the cop sequel, who has reportedly been helping him with the dialogue.