Kung-fu star Jackie Chan has been supported by a host of Chinese celebrities in a silent protest against the publication of nude pictures of a young Hong Kong pop star. GILLIAN CHUNG, one half of popular female duo TWINS, was snapped changing costumes backstage after a concert in Malaysia. The racy shot subsequently appeared on the cover of the current issue of gossip magazine Easy Finder. Government regulators have been flooded by complaints at the breach of privacy and now fellow stars have teamed up to defend their rights. Earlier today (29AUG06), Chan led a silent march to Hong Kong's government headquarters. All wearing black T-shirts, they handed over a petition denouncing the photos. Chan said, "As public figures, we should allow our pictures to be taken. If we crash our cars when we're drunk, it serves us right. People should scold us. "But for a girl to be photographed when she's in a changing room, such a private place, is despicable behaviour." Chung has already reported the incident to both Hong Kong and Malaysian police and filed for a court injunction demanding Easy Finder give up the photos.