Calls to ban Jackie Chan's latest film in Taiwan have been made by a government member following the actor's claims the recent presidential elections were 'the biggest joke in the world'.

Senior official PARRIS CHANG has called for Chan's film AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS to be banned as punishment - following the martial art's comments regarding President CHEN SHUI-BIAN election win in March 2004.

This is despite opposition allegations there were voting irregularities.

Chang - a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) - says, "We want to propose a motion at the legislature to ask the government to ban showings of Jackie Chan's new movie."

The politician has also called for a ban on Chan - who is married to Taiwanese actress FENG JIAO-LIN - from entering the country, and a call on Taiwanese people to boycott the star's home of Hong Kong.

Opposition LIEN CHAN - who made the allegations against the DPP - has suggested that a shooting which lightly wounded Shui-Bian on the eve of the 20 March (04) election unfairly gave the President voters' sympathy.

There is no proof of the supposed irregularities.

23/04/2004 19:26