Troubled Jackass star STEVE-O has accused his parents of feeding him alcohol as a baby. The stuntman claims his late mother, who was an alcoholic, and his father used to give him booze, so he wouldn't cry on public transport. In his latest blog from a Los Angeles hospital, where he has been placed on a 14-day hold while medics observe his condition and behaviour, Steve-O writes: "Before Mom and Dad would find themselves in the embarrassing position of being caught by other passengers with a crying baby, I was fed alcohol.... "I know I was always powerless over alcoholism, because it had such a grip on Mom's adulthood and my childhood, and I never chose to fight it." The 33-year-old was hospitalised on 9 March (08), after pals including his former Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville "physically forced" him to seek help for his mental issues, including bipolar disorder that had left him suffering "high highs and extremely low lows".