Jackass prankster STEVE-O hated filming his new movie JACKASS: NUMBER TWO and insists the best stunts didn't even make the final cut. Steve-O, real name STEVE GLOVER, was especially disappointed that one stunt, which left him bedridden, wasn't in the movie. He tells MTV News, "Man, if only I could be induced into a coma and still do all this stuff and be woken up at the premiere. I hated it. I really hated it. "We have 40 minutes of deleted scenes that are better than anything from the first movie. I was bedridden for a portion, like I had a really bad injury, and it didn't even make the movie. "I was launched down multiple flights of stairs in a bellhop cart. Kind of anti-climactic, I landed on my back on a bellhop cart, and it wasn't even in the movie. That's how good the movie is!"