Jackass star STEVE-O has quit cocaine and cut back on his heavy boozing after getting a medical scare from Los Angeles doctors. The TV and movie stuntman went for a check-up before heading to India to shoot JACKASS: NUMBER TWO and was shocked to discover he had a heart problem. Steve-O, real name STEPHEN GLOVER, only agreed to go for tests at UCLA Executive Physical Program after being told he should take more care of his health by his dad. The 32-year-old explains, "I went in there for the most comprehensive physical I could get... I came home, and there was a phone call from the doctor saying that he wanted me to come in to talk about my results. "I was really just wanting to find out that my wiener was OK. The guy was like, 'Your wiener's OK, but your heart's messed up... You've got the heart of a 90-year-old man, and if it doesn't correct itself, you won't live to the age of 40.' "He told me that alcohol had a lot to do with it. I really thought I was dying."