TV stuntman STEVE-O has launched a one-man campaign against circus giants the Ringling Brothers and Barnum + Bailey after deciding it's time to reveal all about the animal abuse he witnessed while training to be a clown. In an angry rant during a recent internet interview with animal activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Jackass wildman, real name STEPHEN GLOVER, calls the circus bosses "a bunch of d**ks." He says, "The Ringling Brothers and Barnum + Bailey Circus has been abusing animals since the 1800s, and I'm sick of it." Steve-O graduated from Ringling's Clown College several years ago, but the horrors he saw when he started his career under the big top have tormented him ever since. He particularly remembers how he squirmed as he watched trainers routinely strike performing elephants with steel-tipped bullhooks. He adds, "You read about a lot of elephants going berserk in the circus, and it's obvious why they go berserk. It's because they're fricking tortured every day. I saw it myself."