TV show Jackass' dangerous stunts have led to severe British Police warnings after four people were charged with staging a hoax kidnapping.

A group of men were booked for breach of the peace after shoppers saw a man with a black plastic bag tied over his head stumble from a car in an apparent attempt to escape before the vehicle sped away.

The petrified onlookers thought they were witnessing a real abduction on Sunday (11JUL04) in a TESCO supermarket car park in Midlothian, Scotland, and called the police.

Two 20-year-old men, a 24-year-old and a 26-year-old told Lothian and Borders Officers they were re-enacting a scene from the controversial MTV series leading to a public announcement forbidding attempts to repeat some of the show's "irresponsible" actions.

A police spokesman says, "This Jackass programme is very popular among teenagers and being the summer holidays there will be a lot of youth about with time on their hands who could attempt to copy some of the stunts on the programme.

"We would advise them to be very careful not to do anything which causes fear and alarm to other members of the public or indeed might even end up with themselves being injured."

14/07/2004 17:20