LATEST: Jackass star STEVE-O has already made enemies on British reality TV show LOVE ISLAND - despite having hoped to impress the ladies. The American prankster, who arrived armed with eight condoms, is trying to assert his role as the cheeky wildcard, but model Sophie Anderton took a particular dislike to his "fun-loving" persona. She complained, "This guy loves the sound of his own voice. He's unbearable and he's done my head in, he's so opinionated. I can't stand him. "He's attention-seeking and crude and insulting to be around. He's classless, uneducated and ignorant." The 32-year-old funnyman hit back, asking, "Who's the grumpy girl? She's really pretty but she's scowling. Seems like she's trying not to have fun." He also upset BRENDAN COLE, the star of hit British TV show STRICTLY COME DANCING, by telling him, "Dude, you're gay," when the dancer made dinner for the assembled celebrities.