Movie bosses have been forced to re-write a scene for the upcoming Jackass sequel after Bam Margera was hospitalised with a head injury over the weekend (12-13Jun10).
The prankster was admitted to an intensive care unit in the early hours of Saturday morning (12Jun10) after a woman allegedly attacked him with a baseball bat outside the bar he owns in Philadelphia.
Margera has since been released from the medical facility and flown to Los Angeles to continue filming Jackass 3-D, but the injury has forced some changes on the set of the new movie.
The star was reportedly set to shoot a stunt in which he takes a series of blows to the head for the film's opening sequence, but the scene will now be re-written because of the concussion and internal bleeding Margera suffered in the alleged attack.
The third Jackass movie is slated for release on 15 October (10).