Jackass star Johnny Knoxville pulled the ultimate prank on the show's director and cinematographer - by putting them in charge of a gay cruise. The Dukes Of Hazzard star felt it was time to pay a quirky tribute to Jeff Tremaine and DIMITRY ELYASHKEVICH, and he hired a billboard in the heart Los Angeles' gay community to expose his mates as the guys behind a fictional gay cruise. He giggles, "We got to the intersection where the billboard was (and) I said, 'Wow, what's that up there?' "Jeff looked at it for a second, and then a huge smile came across his face. "Dimitry said, 'Wow that really looks like me.' Then a full three seconds went by... and he said, 'That is me!' Then he started laughing. "He was touched by it all. He kept saying, `You would do that for me? How much did that cost?'"