Jackass prankster Johnny Knoxville has signed up for a new comedy - as a sports cheat.

Knoxville has hopped on board to appear in THE RINGER, where he'll play a man who pretends to be mentally challenged so he can fix the Special Olympics. But his character soon finds out he can't beat his competitors, who quickly discover he's an imposter.

The movie will be directed by film-making brothers PETER and BOBBY FARRELLY, who are eager to stress they plan to empower the disabled groups represented.

Peter recently said at a meeting with the SPECIAL OLYMPICS' board of directors, "I believe in God and would never do anything at all to hurt these people because I believe I'd go to hell."

The Farrelly brothers recently wrapped filming on Stuck On You, which features Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as co-joined twins.

28/07/2003 02:38