Prank movie Jackass is back in the headlines in America after copycat stunts that appeared on the riotous MTV show prompted a police chase in California and a crippling injury in Florida.

In Los Angeles, a teen dressed up in a prison jumpsuit handcuffed himself and started running along a road while his friend videotaped the stunt.

Patrol cars, tracking dogs and a helicopter were called out to track the joker down - and the teenagers' families could now be faced with a $5,000 (GBP3,330) bill for wasting police time.

Los Angeles police official DET JIM HUDSON says, "The idea was to get the youth on film doing a Jackass type of stunt."

Meanwhile, a reveller in Florida shattered both his legs trying to copy a Jackass stunt by jumping off the roof of his four-storey hotel into a swimming pool below.

He missed his target and landed on the concrete at the edge of the pool instead. The horrible prank was caught by a pal on video.

09/05/2003 10:09