Giving further evidence -- if it were ever needed -- that teenage boys rule the box office, Paramount's gross-out stunts movie Jackass Number Two raked in an estimated $28.1 million at the box office over the weekend, almost three times as much as another film aimed at the same audience -- Jet Li's Fearless, which came in second with $10.6 million. Yet another film aimed principally at teenage males came in third, Gridiron Gang, which took the top spot last week, this week earned an additional $9.7 million. A third new release, Flyboys, featuring handsome young actors in uniform aiming to charm young girls, finished fourth with $6 million. Rounding out the top five was the animated Everyone's Hero, which earned $4.8 million. A fourth new film, All the King's Men, with a cast headed by Sean Penn, became not only a critical disappointment but an even bigger box-office failure, earning just $3.8 million and winding up in seventh place. Meanwhile, overseas, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest recorded its 11th week at the top of the box office, registering $7.6 million. Somewhat surprisingly, Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, which had not been expected to perform well abroad, made a strong showing to take second place with $6.1 million.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Exhibitor Relations:
1. Jackass Number Two, $28.1 million; 2. Jet Li's Fearless, $10.6 million; 3. Gridiron Gang, $9.7 million; 4. Flyboys, $6 million; 5. Everyone's Hero, $4.75 million; 6. The Black Dahlia, $4.4 million; 7. All the King's Men, $3.8 million; 8. The Covenant, $3.3 million; 9. The Illusionist, $3.28 million; 10. Little Miss Sunshine, $2.9 million.