Jackass star Bam Margera opened up his home to fans on Tuesday (02Apr13) for a special art show in his backyard.

The daredevil, who is currently on a break from his F**k Face Unstoppable tour, returned home to West Chester, Pennsylvania this week (begs01Apr13) and decided to put together an art exhibit in his barn, where followers could mingle with the star and enjoy his paintings.

In a post on Twitter.com, he wrote, "1 hour art show at my house.. 5pm come to 435 hickory hill rd. West chester Pa 19382 the gate will be open... Cruise by!"

Margera has been painting on and off for the past three years, with his subjects ranging from naked women to buses driving off cliffs, and the Tv personality, who sold four pieces throughout the day, insists he loves embracing his creativity - even though he's not professionally trained.

He tells Philly.com, "I'll use anything and everything (to paint). Whatever's around me."