LATEST: A controversial spoof poster of Jack White and BILLY CHILDISH has been redesigned and put back on sale by London gallery owner Steven Lowe, in response to legal threats from THE White Stripes rocker. The original picture featured a fictional boxing match between "Jack 'Whingy' White" and "'Bitter' Billy Childish", to reflect the rock feud that has been brewing since Childish verbally assaulted White's music, telling America's GQ magazine, "I can't listen to that stuff." The improved version now features a cartoon of White instead of an original photograph, after his lawyers contacted the owner of the Aquarium Gallery - which is currently hosting an exhibition of Childish's drawings - claiming it was "violating (the group's) intellectual property rights". And the MY DOORBELL rocker became even more enraged when he discovered the gimmick is available on auction website eBay. Lowe says, "The White Stripes got eBay to stop the auction as they claimed it was violating their intellectual property rights. You'll notice that the poster pictured here has changed slightly from the first one. "This is not an admission that they're right, it's just to make it more difficult for them to pull the same stunt again. "Just in case Jack is being so unsporting about this fine commemorative artwork auction because he thinks he should be getting a share of the mountains of cash we're going to make out of it, we're going to give him a share. Fifty per cent in fact."