Jack White had second thoughts about going public with his new band The Dead Weather, fearing critics would blast him for having too many musical projects.
The rocker and his ex-wife Meg White found fame in 2002 with their band The White Stripes, before he began writing tracks with the Raconteurs in 2005.
And now White is fronting The Dead Weather with Alison Mosshart of indie two-piece The Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Dean Fertita and bassist Jack Lawrence.
But White worried about starting his third collaboration because he didn't want fans to assume he was only working with Mosshart to recreate the success of their respective rock duos.
He tells Uncut magazine, "There was a self-consciousness, I think, but it was after the fact. When we started we didn't even know we were making a record or starting a band.
"But when you're finishing a project you remember, 'Oh that's right, we have to release this to the lions now.' And people are going to say, 'Oh right, they're both in two-piece guy/girl bands.' They're going to think we did it on purpose."
And the star admits he never intended to start another band - but he couldn't deny the chemistry that sparked between The Dead Winter members.
He adds: "It was a happy accident. Everybody involved really inspired each other. If we're hanging out and it's really working, it's unfair for me to say, 'OK sorry. I have this other successful band. Sorry, too busy.' That would be a shame."