Rocker Jack White is set to guest on the debut album from New York DJ MARK RONSON.

THE White Stripes frontman got the job after Mark saw his band play the city's RADIO MUSIC HALL - and was so impressed he sent the guitarist a tape of a ditty he was working on.

And the song, HERE COMES THE FUZZ, is so strong it's the album's title track.

Mark says, "He happened to really like it. He laid down three takes of guitar the whole way through and sent it back to me.

"There's a part at the beginning of the song when Jack is screaming in the guitar pick-up, 'Here comes the fuzz. Here comes the fuzz.'

"I guess he was like, 'F*** it -- that's the name of the song.' It's cool. It sounds really dirty and Beastie Boys-ish."

13/07/2003 13:24