American rocker Jack White has confirmed he is taking an official break from THE White Stripes to focus all his creative energy on new band The Raconteurs. The American singer has postponed all future recordings with bandmate and ex-wife Meg White, despite promising fans a new album in the near future. White insists his new four-piece, comprising British singer Brendan Benson, and GREENHORNES bassist JACK LAWRENCE and drummer PATRICK KEELER, is no longer a side project. White confirms, "A lot of people have this assumption that this is a side project or whatever, and the only way to solve that is to go out and play. "The only way to show you're a band is to be a band, and that's what we're doing. "Of course, there's going to be more White Stripes records, more Greenhornes records, more Brendan Benson records, but for right now, it's time for The Raconteurs."