Rock star Jack White will be spending Christmas single - as he and RENEE ZELLWEGER have ended their two-year relationship.

The WHITE STRIPES singer has reportedly agreed with the Bridget Jones actress to "call it a day" after conflicting schedules have meant they have been spending too much time apart since their romance started on the set of love epic Cold MOUNTAIN.

A source tells British tabloid THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, "Renee and Jack have called the relationship off. He wanted her to give up acting and move to Detroit where he lives.

"Renee wouldn't agree to give up her career but she was desperate to reach a compromise. She decided to buy a place on the East Coast in the Hamptons and another property in Connecticut in the hope they would see each other more but it just didn't happen.

"They are both very sad but have decided to call it a day. It's come as quite a blow to everyone as we all thought this relationship was the one for Renee."

19/12/2004 14:36