Though some of Jack White 's crueller fans would argue that The White Stripes was essentially his own solo vehicle - Meg White's drumming did the job it was needed to, ok? - the blues rock lothario announced his first solo LP proper earlier this year and with 'Blunderbuss' going on sale this week, the critics have been giving their view on the record.
The good news for White is that the reviews are more than favourable, with some of the most respected publications in music giving their weight to the album. "While Blunderbuss appears to be definite off-loading of emotional baggage, it also feels like a move toward rebirth," spouted Mojo, whilst Billboard complimented "Blunderbuss isn't just (arguably) the best album of the year so far, it opens up a whole new world for him." The UK's newspapers were particularly fond of the record, both The Guardian and Daily Telegraph giving it full marks, with the Telegraph commenting "From its raucous, raw-edged opening salvo to the softer, weirder, ruminative closing tracks, Blunderbuss crackles with life and energy, hauling roots rock out of the dusty museum and into the dazzling light of the modern day."
A note of caution though, because back in the US, The New York Times weren't wholly pleased, stating "Few songs on "Blunderbuss" truly knock the wind out of you, as the White Stripes could - even with riffs that were fragmentary, simple or borrowed." Nevertheless this hasn't been enough stop 'Blunderbuss' scoring an impressive 89 average mark on ratings aggregator Metacritic.