Jack White always tries to do something ''no-one else is doing''.

The former White Stripes frontman has revealed that he enjoys going against the tide when it comes to his music, as he believes it is his ''job'' as a musician to ''not take the easy way out''.

Speaking about his passion for vinyl records in the age of digital, he said: ''If it was 1999 and I was asked: 'What do you think about digital music?', it was my job to say: 'Is that what everyone else is doing? Then I don't like it.'

''If the world had been into analogue, I would've said I loved digital. As an artist it is your job not to take the easy way out. I want to be turned on when I listen to an artist speak: I want them to show something that no one else is doing.''

The 'Love Interruption' musician - who will release his first studio album in four years, 'Boarding House Reach', later this month - even credits his record company, Third Man Records, with helping to ''save vinyl''.

He said: ''At that time, vinyl records were almost completely gone. House music and DJs were keeping them alive. The Detroit garage rock scene - and the Hives, the Strokes, the Vines - were a little breath of fresh air for guitar rock and it was our duty to help save vinyl. A lot of that is due to an insane amount of effort from Third Man Records.''

Now, the sales of vinyl records are increasing every year, and Jack believes Third Man Records are to thank for that.

When asked by The Guardian newspaper if he thinks Third Man saved vinyl, he added: ''Oh, there's no doubt about it. People were thinking we were being old-timey, retro and cute. But our point was: this is a format that really makes sense for music lovers. It's the only part of the music industry that's rising in sales.''