Third Man Pressing, which will open on 25 February (17) in White's native Detroit, Michigan, will house "eight of the first newly built presses in 35 years". According to, the facility will be able to produce 5,000 records-an-hour.

White was also thinking about environmental safety when he built the plant, which will be the "only fully climate-controlled pressing plant work environment in the world," and made sure it would run using a "closed-loop, chilled-water system that maximises water sustainability".

The 41-year-old will host opening day performances at the pressing plant and will sell exclusive merchandise, including a limited-edition vinyl and the first record printed on opening day.

Third Man Pressing will print releases from The White Stripes star's label as well as other record companies. In addition to the pressing plant, viewing platforms and tours will be open to the public.

Last year (16), White made history with his Third Man Records label by successfully playing the first vinyl record in outer space. Carl Sagan's A Glorious Dawn became the label's three millionth record pressed and it was played on repeat on The iCarus Craft, a "space-proof" turntable, during a special event to mark the company's seventh anniversary in July (16).