The former White Stripes star opened his label headquarters in his adopted Nashville, Tennessee seven years ago (98), but on Friday (27Nov15), he returned home to launch his latest Third Man Records base.

Fans were able to check out the place on Friday after White staged an invitation-only preview party on Thanksgiving night (26Nov15). The rocker's mother was among the guests of honour.

The new space features offices and a retail area.

"It's such a wonderful thing for Third Man Records to be here in the Cass Corridor, where so many of us made our bones and so many people from Detroit and our community did so many artistic things," White said on Thursday night.

"Everything about this neighbourhood to me seems like the perfect place for the renaissance, the rebirth, the growth from the ashes that Detroit's gonna rise from."

Generous Jack also served up a full Thanksgiving dinner and a late-night pizza treat to fans lining up outside the new Third Man store on Thursday.

Officially launching on Record Store Black Friday, early bird fans got the chance to pick up rare seven-inch vinyl prints of early singles by Motown acts Marvin Gaye, Barrett Strong and the Supremes.