Jack White likes to pretend he's Lady GaGa.

The singer, guitarist and drummer - who is most famous for his band The White Stripes - Told The Sun he tried to think like the flamboyant 'Telephone' singer when writing a track for his new album with The Dead Weather, 'Sea of Cowards'.

Jack said: "I was thinking of the type of song a contemporary musician would write, so I started thinking about Lady Gaga.

"I started thinking of how she would write the music to this song and got quite into being Lady Gaga in an odd way."

Despite Jack's foray into Lady Gaga musical territory, the rocker insists the group's second album builds on the sound established on their debut, 'Horehound', which was released last year and was recorded quickly in order to capture the band's energy.

Jack - who is joined in the group by Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence - added: "Musically it's a more powerful, more intense, deeper, bluesier, and heavier at all points.

"It's such a fast progression from first to second album, and a totally different sound."