Hollywood is refusing to help the administration of American President GEORGE W BUSH sell its stance on the US-led war in Iraq.

The industry's top lobbyist Jack Valenti insists Tinseltown will not go into battle to promote the American point of view, as it did after the 11 September (03) terror attacks on New York and Washington.

After the strikes, Hollywood - encouraged by presidential home the WHITE HOUSE - scrambled to form a special war committee, which is headed by Valenti.

The organisation quickly produced several public service announcements and movie trailers boasting America's best qualities.

But MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA president Valenti warned that producing films touting the war in Iraq would be explosive, as many Hollywood personalities - like A-listers Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and SEAN PENN - are opposed to the conflict.

Valenti says, "We don't need to do PSAs (public service announcements) and all that blather."

But, he claims show business can play a positive role in the conflict - by providing American troops in the Middle East with copies of Hollywood movies for soldiers to watch.

He continues, "Only a deficient American wouldn't want to support them. So how best to support them? Offer them what they want?

"Is this going to be a long war, or a short war? Right now, these guys don't have time to watch movies. Once they are encamped and doing nation-building, these servicemen will want DVDs and videocassettes."