Rock offspring Jack Osbourne hates sharing his mother SHARON with the rest of the world.

Sharon, 51, admits her burgeoning solo career - on America's THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW and British TV talent programme THE X FACTOR - has left two of her three kids wishing she would step out of the spotlight.

Sharon says of Jack, "He doesn't like the things I do. He hated my chat show. He hated the fact that he had to share his mum, and I totally understand that."

And eldest daughter AIMEE also wants Sharon to "stay at home" after her battle with colon cancer.

Sharon adds, "She's (Aimee) the eldest, at 20, and she's a worrier, constantly scared I'm going to get sick again. My attitude is that, if I can do this at 51, that's good because it empowers other women. It's not all about youth any more."

24/08/2004 09:25