Reality TV star Jack Osbourne's mother Sharon Osbourne made him edit his upcoming autobiography - because he criticised his sisters KELLY and AIMEE in it. Osbourne, whose constant battles with pop star Kelly were shown in reality TV show The Osbournes, wrote several passages about how annoying he found his older sisters - but the Osbourne matriarch demanded the offending parts be removed from the draft. He says, "Mum and Dad read the first draft and they were glad it was honest. There were a few things I wrote about my sisters that Mum made me take out. I had a bit of a rant about how much they sucked sometimes. "I doubt Kelly will read it. My other sister Aimee will read it to see what I wrote about her but won't tell me. I saw her last week at our house in Malibu. She was having a romantic weekend with a guy and I turned up with eight of my friends shouting, 'Cool! Beach party, woo-hoo!' She wasn't happy."