Jack Osbourne credits his dangerous rock climbing hobby with saving him from a life of alcohol abuse and partying.

The son of Ozzy Osbourne was forced into a rehabilitation centre in 2003 to battle his drug and booze addictions, and desperately sought out new activities upon his release in an effort to stay sober.

And Osbourne admits deep water soloing - which requires participants to sail up to a cliff and climb up the sheer rock face without a safety rope - has reduced his days partying at glitzy Los Angeles night spots to a distant memory.

He says, "Since I stopped drinking and partying, for the past year and a half I've been searching for something to fill that space. Now I've pretty much found it.

"Climbing's given me the high, the rush. You can't get that anywhere else. There's nothing quite like it.

"I would prefer to do this than go to some five-star hotel in Hawaii. They don't let you climb the walls of a hotel, do they?"

16/01/2005 14:48