Jack Osbourne loves being a celebrity because of all the freebies he receives. The 20-year-old admits the greatest benefit of finding fame in reality TV show The Osbournes is that companies want to give him their products for nothing. And Osbourne claims he and his rocker father Ozzy receive more freebies than his sister KELLY and mother SHARON. He says, "It's a tie between me and my dad. Kelly and my mum get a lot of free stuff, but then they do blow a lot of their money in exchange for gaining a few minutes' pleasure in a new garment. "I got a 40-inch plasma screen the other week, which was pretty cool. I went to a party run by my housemate who's a PR blagger and all I had to do was have a photo taken of myself with the TV. "Having said that, it still hasn't turned up in the post yet."