LATEST: Jack Osbourne fears security staff at Los Angeles' LAX Airport stole watches and jewellery from his suitcase.

The reality TV star and son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne claims $400,000 (GBP210,500) of designer watches and jewels were stolen from his luggage before he boarded a plane to Britain earlier this month (FEB05).

And he's convinced the gems were swiped before his suitcase was put in the cargo hold of the plane.

He says, "They're (security) supposed to be on the front lines of national security in America and they're stealing stuff out of people's suitcases. It's kind of sickening, actually. They obviously don't give two s**ts about their jobs."

Osbourne reveals that among the items stolen were a Rolex and a HARRY WINSTON watch, "a lot of cufflinks" and "a necklace my dad gave me".

Osbourne insists there will be no reward offered for the jewellery's return: "I think having a reward out for things kind of encourages crime."

28/02/2005 03:42