Jack Osbourne was staggered when his father Ozzy tried to kill his mother SHARON in a drink-fuelled fit of madness, and insists he will never forget the sight of the rocker being taken away by police wearing only his underpants. The reality TV star was just a child when the shocking event occurred, but rather than collapse into tears like the rest of his family, he was simply "confused" by the insanity surrounding him. He says, "I was only very small when my dad tried to kill my mum. "He had been downing bottles of vodka for a few days and then started acting all weird with Mum. "'We've decided that you have to die,' he told her. So, she hit the panic button that connected to the local police station as Dad grappled her to the ground with his hands around her throat and tried to strangle her. "I was sitting on the upstairs landing with my sisters KELLY and AIMEE, looking down at the scene through the bannisters and seeing my dad, wearing nothing but underpants, being handcuffed and carted away. "My sisters were crying, and so was my mum, I remember being upset that they were sad, but otherwise I just felt a bit confused."