Jack Osbourne thought he was going to die on a climbing trip in California.

The 'Celebrity Adrenalin Junkie' star could feel his "body shutting down" when he got stranded at the top of a rock face while mountaineering with friends.

After completing the 1,400 ft climb, which took around 13 hours, Jack and his pals had no one to show them how to get back down and the baking 95 degree temperature quickly began to take its toll.

He said: "I actually thought something really bad was going to happen. We were climbing with a bunch of people, in two different teams. There were three of us in each team, but when we got to the top we didn't know how to get back. We only had a litre of water each and no food.

"I could just feel my body shutting down and the others had run off. I got pretty scared for a minute and had a bit of a hysterical moment, but I pulled myself through."

Despite his ordeal, Jack has not been put off attempting more dangerous stunts - although a recent skydive "freaked him out".

He added: "It takes a lot to freak me out. I'm not really fazed by anything. But I was freaked when we skydived into England when we finished the show. I was just so glad we had were done and we could go home."

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