Jack Osbourne's dog has his own twitter page.

The TV star has set up an account on the social networking website for his lovable bulldog Lola, and has asked his roommates and pals to keep the world up-to-date with her antics.

Jack's sister Kelly revealed: "My brother Jack's beloved bulldog Lola now has her own twitter account - it's brilliant! His roommates are in charge of it, but Jack does post some videos and stuff - there are about five people updating it. She's got over 3,000 followers already!"

While the site has made the pooch famous overnight, Kelly admits she finds twitter strange, and struggles to realise why people are interested in what she has to say about life.

She explained: "I find twitter weird - over last weekend I got 8,000 new followers for no apparent reason. Random."

Jack, 24, has had a hectic time recently as he directed his father Ozzy Osbourne's latest music video 'Life Won't Wait'.

Kelly is thrilled her brother has thrown himself at his latest project.

She added in her column for Closer magazine: "Jack wrapped up filming for Dad's music video for his single 'Life Won't Wait' last week. I'm really impressed and proud of him, and he's really excited because it's the first time he's directed something completely on his own. He's been really focused - staying up late and flying crew in from the UK. When he sets his mind to something he works really hard."