Troubled reality TV star Jack Osbourne tried to kill himself with a deadly addiction to drink and drugs - and even though TV company MTV knew, they were unable to stop him.

The 17-year old, the son of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and wife SHARON, was devastated when his beloved mother was diagnosed with colon cancer last year (02).

Sharon is now in remission from the disease, but her frightened son recalls how he tried to take his own life with a combination of Oxycontin tablets and lethal drink absinthe - while being filmed by MTV for hit reality show The Osbournes.

Jack says, "It actually got so bad I was suicidal. I wanted to die because I wasn't happy when I was sober and I wasn't happy when I was high any more.

"Nothing seemed really worth living for. And I was convinced my mom was going to die. I attempted to commit suicide. I attempted to overdose. But I just woke up the next morning."

The angst-ridden teen adds, "I was taking a lot of painkillers - four to six VICODIN a day. I was drinking God knows how much. I was smoking a ridiculous amount of pot.

"At the time, it started getting really bad, Mom was pretty sick too. Dad was, as you know, kind of a wreck. So there was no one reeling in the reins. MTV knew what I was doing but they weren't allowed to stop me."

When devastated mum Sharon found out she tried to admit Jack to a rehabilitation centre but he ran away, but returned when he realised his concerned mum knew best.

14/09/2003 14:06