Jack Osbourne was waterboarded at his bachelor party.

The reality TV star recently tied the knot with Lisa Stelly, the mother of his baby daughter Pearl, but before they wed he had a wild weekend with his friends in Las Vegas where he found himself subjected to the form of torture whereby an individual is shackled down as water is poured over their towel-covered head.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I went to Las Vegas with some friends and we rode dune buggies in the desert, fired guns... and I was kidnapped. My friends flew out some guys from counter terrorism squadrons in the U.K. and they kidnapped me from the Palazzo hotel.

''I got waterboarded, I got tortured - it was pretty awesome... I don't think many people can say of their bachelor party, 'I got tortured by a member of Delta Force, a Navy SEAL, and two members of the SAS.'''

Jack also revealed he thinks being married will make his relationship with his partner even stronger.

The star - who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) this year - said: ''Calling Lisa my wife will be so much easier. We've had such a crazy year with the pregnancy, baby, my MS, wedding - next year we just want to travel and relax. I'm also just looking forward to things settling down.

''I knew that it was important to Lisa to get married, I just felt that, if marriage was going to do anything for this relationship, it would only make it better.

''I thought, 'We're having a kid together, Lisa's going to be in my life forever, so why not try to make this work? Let's make it legitimate.' ''