Jack Osbourne is still tempted by alcohol.

The 'Adrenalin Junkie' host - who gave up drinking following a 2003 stint in rehab - sometimes considers joining in with his friends when they are out together, but manages to exercise self-control.

He said: "Sometimes there's the occasional desire for it. It's usually when we've had a really hard day working and everyone's sat down having a beer, it would be nice to unwind with a beer but I know what it would end up like."

Despite his own teetotal stance, Jack insists he doesn't object to people drinking around him.

He added: "My crew has a tendency to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol sometimes so the next day when we have to be up at five in the morning, it's just hilarious to see everyone so hungover.

"I'm pretty sympathetic, I will make fun of them though, like, hit them on the head."