Reality TV star Jack Osbourne was looking forward to his debut as a movie protagonist - until leading lady Denise Richards pulled out of the project.

THE OSBOURNES star has decided to try his luck on the big screen after shooting to fame alongside his famous rock family, and remains philosophical about Richards' decision to leave the movie, even though she quit because of him.

He says, "I'm doing a movie. I play a kid who falls in love with a hooker. It's like Risky Business meets American Pie. The hooker was supposed to be Denise Richards, but she bailed when, well, when she found out she'd be starring with me."

However, Osbourne - who is already filming another project New York Minute with siblings MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN - is delighted with the perks attached to the upcoming job.

He enthuses, "I've got three sex scenes."

01/10/2003 17:13