Jack Osbourne has launched a scathing attack on British music mogul SIMON COWELL, labelling the American Idol judge "a slimeball".

The 19-year-old reality TV star still hasn't forgiven Cowell for accusing his father Ozzy's near-fatal quad bike crash last year (DEC03) of being a "publicity stunt".

And Jack was astounded when his mother SHARON announced earlier this year (04) she would be joining Cowell as a judge and mentor on British talent show The X Factor.

Jack fumes, "I didn't want my mum to do X Factor. It was pretty yellow-bellied to go on a show with a guy who's said so many nasty things about her family and kids.

"But she went on and the show is...interesting. Simon Cowell is a slimeball."

Cowell's spokesperson responds, "I'd be amazed if Jack could spell slimeball, never mind understand what it means."

16/12/2004 13:51