Reformed drink and drug addict Jack Osbourne is convinced his childhood made him want to be a "druggie" - but he quickly realised there was nothing glamorous about prolonged substance abuse.

Osbourne admits growing up with his hellraising dad Ozzy made drug abuse seem cool - and when he hit adolescence he quickly began to adopt the Black Sabbath rocker's lifestyle.

But as is own intake of drink and drugs hit a critical level, Osbourne realised the inner hell they can create and began to wish for his own death as a way out.

He says, "In a really kind of sick, dark way I kind of wanted to be a druggie. I wanted to be a part of the lifestyle for some reason.

"I thought it was cool to get loaded, take drugs and get drunk - that is what I thought you did.

"After I did I hoped I was going to die, I really did. I thought, 'This life really isn't that great and maybe if I die it'll get better.'"

Osbourne kicked his addictions thanks to spells in rehab and support from his family and now presents his own extreme sports reality TV show.