Jack Osbourne has upset music television giant MTV by refusing to work while his favourite bands were on stage at a festival.

The star of reality TV show The Osbournes was at the V Festival in South England at the weekend (16/17AUG03) with a film crew.

But 17-year-old Jack became angry when he learned he would have to work while The Hives and The Cardigans were performing.

A source tells British tabloid THE DAILY MIRROR, "Jack was being tailed by a film crew all day.

"The trouble really began when he was asked to work at the same time as The Hives and The Cardigans were playing. That's when he really kicked off at them.

"He was fuming at the crew saying, 'I'm not happy about it - taking me to a festival and not letting me watch any bands is unbelievable. I thought this was supposed to be a music channel.'

"He's young, single and loaded and has the world at his feet. You'd think that with all he's got going for him he'd be pretty pleased - but he's a right miserable git."

18/08/2003 13:47