Jack Osbourne attributes his style to not caring about his looks.

The 25-year-old star insists he isn't vain and spends weeks neglecting his appearance and admits he ought to replace his wardrobe more often.

He said: "I'm far from vain. I can go weeks without shaving and cutting my hair.

"The soles of my shoes are falling off. It's not a fashion statement, I just don't care."

Jack's sister, 'Fashion Police' host Kelly Osbourne, is constantly trying to get her brother to take more care of his appearance but he insists his priorities are elsewhere.

He told Britain's Star magazine: "Kelly would love nothing more than to take me on a massive shop.

"We were in London the other week doing some work and she was calling stylists and having them bring me clothes.

"I would rather spend money on things that are actually important to me but she was like, 'Oh no, it's all free.' And then I got a call and it's 'If you want that stuff you'll have to pay for it.' So I sent it back."